Exposition for Alexandros Iliadis


Portfolio with 277 photos, hosted in Dropbox Gallery

Composite images

Portfolio with 29 images, hosted in Dropbox Gallery


The Four Gifts
poem in Greek
The Force of Now
poem in Greek
The Return
short story in Greek
Parallel Journals
poetry collection in Greek and English
Unexpected Exit Point
short story in Greek


A web gallery that doesn't use a database, written in 2014 and hosted in GitHub.

A world clock written in JavaScript, written in 2012.

Web Design

Portfolio with 15 websites, hosted in Dropbox Gallery


Doom teaser trailers with Hooverphonic on the background”, hosted in YouTube

Video Art

Burned Neurons” concept video, hosted in Vimeo

You may contact me at endbefore ‘at’ gmx ‘dot’ com