Parallel Journals

Parallel Journals is a poetry collection that covers about 20 months of my life, with most of it within 2007. It’s writen in mixed Greek, and English. I will refrain from explaining what it’s about so as not to spoil the fun of exploration.

As is with all personal pieces of work, I now cringe when I look at the things I wrote back then, but truth needs to be told and thus nothing was altered from the original text.

This Web version was created in February 2018 and uses a lot of recent web technologies that’ll probably make older versions of Internet Explorer cringe too, possibly even Internet Explorer 11. Microsoft Edge should be fine, as will be the latest version of Firefox and Chrome.

Although the page layout will adjust depending on the display size of your device and you’ll read it fine on a mobile phone, the collection is indented to be read on a larger screen.

On with the show