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JavaScript is disabled. World clock uses JavaScript to calculate time around the world, and without it, it’s only a number of pins with city names on them. To use World clock, enable JavaScript and refresh this page.

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Local, elastic, and adjustable

The clock uses local time to calcule time around the world – so make sure your local time is in sync.

It can take care of time changes in locations that observe DST, and in this demo it is configured to do so.

DST settings are stored along with the algorithm, inside worldtime.js. You can adjust DST offsets by editing worldtime.js and changing the offset() calls inside get_offsets().

DST settings are current as of October 2012.


The backdrop map is from Wikimedia Commons.

The Kristi font was made by Birgit Pulk. You can find it at Google Fonts and Font Squirrel.

The Open Sans Condensed font was made by Steve Matteson. You can find it at Google Fonts. I used Font Squirrel to convert it into a webfont.

The fade transitions on the map is pure CSS and is based on an example by Brian Huisman.

The JavaScript code behind the clock was written by me. This demo doesn’t show year, seconds, or timezones, and doesn’t allow you to set a date in the past and future to see the time around the world. The original code does all that.

The tagline

The World Is Not Enough” is the title of a 1999 James Bond film. It is also the title of the theme song for that film, performed by rock band Garbage.

In the 1963 novel “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”, Ian Flemming reveals that this is Bond’s family motto.

Sir Thomas Bond (ca. 1620–1685), was an actual English landowner and Baronet. His family’s motto was “Orbis non sufficit”, meaning “the world is not enough”.

A tomb now suffices him for whom the world was not enough” is a line that has been said for Alexander the Great.


If you want to use one of the assets that I used in this project, refer to the license each author chose to distribute their work with. The graphical part of my work (CSS and HTML) is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0, and the executable code (JavaScript) is under LGPL 3.0.